Frequently asked questions:

Where and when can I be seen?

Clinics are held regularly at the Nuffield Health Shrewsbury (Wednesday Mornings), Nuffield Health Wolverhampton (Monday and Wednesday Evenings) and The Apley Clinic (Thursday afternoons). Appointments will be made as soon as possible. Please see contact or call 08438862011 to arrange an appointment.

Am I responsible for any fees?

Fees are usually covered in full by insurance companies, apart from your policy excess. Whether or not you have medical insurance cover, you are ultimately responsible for any fees incurred for consultations, investigations and treatment/surgery. It is advisable to contact your insurance company for your policy excess before proceeding with any treatment.

How can I arrange a consultation if I have medical insurance cover?

Jae Rhee is recognised by all the major insurance companies including BUPA, AXA PPP, AVIVA, PRU Health/Vitality, Cigna, Simply Health and WPA. Most insurance companies will require a GP/Physiotherapist referral letter before authorising your consultation, investigations or planned surgery.
It is always advisable to obtain a pre-authorisation number from your insurance company before the day of your visit to the hospital or clinic. If at the time of making an appointment you are unfamiliar with the procedure, we will be happy to explain how to go about contacting your insurance company. Please call 08438862011.

What if I need surgery?

After the initial consultation, should surgical treatment be necessary, a convenient time will be organised based on the nature of the operation and the necessary rehabilitation/recovery time. All surgical procedures have codes that insurers and hospitals use. It is advisable to contact your insurance company to obtain an authorisation number using this code before your operation.

Do I need private medical insurance to be seen?

No. Whilst most patients will have medical insurance cover, an increasing number are choosing to fund their own treatment. Most private establishments will offer ‘package price’ to cover surgeon, anaesthetic and hospital fees. Please call 08438862011 for more information on consultation fees or package prices.

Will physiotherapy be required after surgery?

Regaining movement, strength and flexibility after surgery will take time. Physiotherapy support will ensure the appropriate support and education to maximise your recovery after surgery.